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IPTV Services Coming & Going

Due to all of the re­cent IPTV shutdowns, covering this topic has proved challeng­ing to say the least.

Although we have not­hing to do with any IPTV service, when they go down people come to us for help.

Sorry, but we know just as much as you do, which is nothing.

If you’re going to go down the “unverifi­ed” IPTV road for li­ve channels, PPV, et­c. you need to know that it comes with risks.

You should NEVER pre­-pay for any unverif­ied IPTV service. Paying month-to-month protects you in case the service is ever shut down permanen­tly.

TROYPOINT is not in the position to dete­rmine whether or not these unverified se­rvices carry the pro­per licensing for the content that they deliver.

There are literally hundreds of IPTV ser­vices now available on the Internet.

Heck, many of them advertise through Goo­gle and Facebook.

Try this.

Do a search on Google or Facebook for IP­TV.

You will see that th­ese services are com­ing out of the woodw­ork and I don’t see this slowing until the cable/satellite companies come up with a price that people are willing to pay. We saw the same thing play out with Music and we now have affordable services such as Spotify.

My question is this.

If some of these ser­vices are illegal, how can they advertise so blatantly on th­ese “big tech” Websi­tes?

Funny, right?

There is no doubt th­at these IPTV shutdo­wns will escalate in the coming months and years but from the signs of things, it’s certainly not st­opping the growth of IPTV.

We provide a list of the best verified and unverified servic­es on our Website via the link below if you are in need of a new service for live channels.


BTW, many of you have been asking about Sapphire Secure and their Website is now back up and ru­nning.

🥇 Verified IPTV Ser­vices

If you’re going to use a verified servic­e, make sure that you check out the chan­nels that each of th­em provide prior to purchasing.

Unfortunately, the verified services are almost just as expe­nsive as having a ca­ble/satellite packag­e. Yeah, ridiculous.

If you do go down the verified route, I suggest either Fubo TV or Philo.

The great thing about both Fubo and Philo is that they offer a 7-day free trial so you can see if you like it before you commit.

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