Streaming4U – DISCLAIMER

Streaming Devices are legal, as long as you use them to stream free content. When the Streaming Device is altered in order to access copyrighted content and paid subscription channels, the device becomes illegal.

Streaming4U does not sell/provide programming of any kind! We simply sell streaming devices and streaming device accessories.

Currently under the US and Canadian law it is not illegal to repackage or resell Streaming content. … Also, if you are reselling broadcasts that are available from online streaming on foreign servers , as part of a Streaming packaging, courts have held this would not be a violation of the copyrights laws in the US and Canada.

Admittedly, some streaming content falls into a Questionable Area of Law and as such Streaming4U does not sell/provide any streaming services. Many of our products have Netflix , YouTube and other Streaming applications available on the box. Paid LEGAL subscriptions are necessary to use some of the apps that are available on the boxes. It is your choice as an end user, how you wish to use your streaming device.